Linda A. Casserly

​Linda A. Casserly has served as Historian for the Town & Village of Canton since 1995.  She has over 2500 photos, negatives, and glass plates in the collection and all have been digitized and enhanced.  Her interest and concern for the County Home Cemetery began in 1996 when she noticed all the erosion and stones heading into the Grasse River.  Fortunately, the cemetery is protected and owned by St. Lawrence County.  She has been a part of DSLC for the past three years and has had five St. Lawrence student interns over the past 18 years.  A lot of their work included examining the County Home registers and death records. She has also worked with SLU FYP students over the years, three seniors on their local history projects, and with students from other departments.  She is co-author of an Arcadia book on Canton that can be found in the Brewer bookstore.